Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, Third Edition




‘Robert M. Sapolsky is one of the best science writers of our time.’―Oliver Sacks

For the first edition of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers:

Sapolsky succeeds in interpreting technical material in a way that leaves readers with an understanding of how the same physiological responses, so well suited for dealing with short-term physical emergencies, can turn into potential disasters when chronically provoked for psychological or other reasons….The author has a way with words and images….you’ll find plenty to intrigue you. The Washington Post

Robert Sapolsky wittily dissects the anatomy of human stress-response. The Wall Street Journal

About the Author

Robert M. Sapolsky is a professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University and a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research, National Museum of Kenya. He is the author of A Primate’s Memoir and The Trouble with Testosterone, which was a Los Angeles Times Book Award finalist. A regular contributor to Discover and The Sciences, and a recipient of a MacArthur Foundation ‘genius’ grant, he lives in San Francisco.


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